new-farmville-gifts-reindeerExcept for the new kitten and chickens, FarmVille now gives you a chance to send your friends a new gift: a beautiful reindeer! Also, for those who are not having enough of their perfect bunches and would like to keep some plants forever, there’s a potted plant that can be send to friends. Cool new FarmVille gifts!

At the moment I don’t know if the Reindeer is harvestable – but it should be and it would be cool if on Christmas Eve it would add some surprises to a few select FarmVille players. But we’ll see about that – until then, make sure to send your friends that new FV gift, the Reindeer and some Potted Plants, too.

And don’t forget to add a comment here as soon as you find out what can you harvest from the Reindeer!

Also, if you would like to get better at playing FarmVille, maybe you should take a look at this guide and see if it sounds like something that could improve your game! Have fun!


  1. I think the Reindeer will harvest something like candy canes, but you never know, because the elephants did circus peanuts. so you never know…

  2. Harvesting reindeer gets you their hair i think, because when you harvest them you just brush them……like swans and ducks when harvested you get their feathers…..just like them according to me you get reindeer’s hair…….

  3. Indeed, you can only brush the reindeers and get some money for that. Let’s hope that during Christmas there will be some kind of surprise for them :)


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