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FarmVille Bees Are Live – Get Your Beehive Guide Here!



The launch of the FarmVille Beehive can in a perfect moment since it’s been a while since a new feature to change the gameplay has been released by Zynga. Farmers have been abuzz about wanting bees, so today FarmVille is proud to announce the arrival of Beehives! And The Unigamesity is proud to give you all the details you need to know about the beehive.

What is the FarmVille Beehive?

A new feature of the game: you will have to build a Beehive, then get a queenbee to increase the number of bees you have, and then you can pollinate your crops for a better chance to find bushels!

How to build your Beehive?

Check out your Gift Box and see the Beehive frame (or buy it for 5,000 coins from the market if you sold it by mistake) – place it on your farm and you can start collecting materials to build it. You will need a total of 50 materials from your friends, so make sure you check out our article with the Beehive Material Links to make things a lot easier!

Once the Beehive is ready, you can start building your Swarm. The first thing you need is a Queen Bee – you can get a Queen Bee by harvesting flower crops on your farm, fertilizing flower crops at your neighbors’ or by purchasing it from the Market for 10 FV cash. Whenever you find the Queen Bee, you will get a pop up and the queen will be placed automatically in your Beehive. Most likely, the beehive has to be built before you can get a Queen Bee.

If you find a Queen Bee and you are already in possession of one, you will have the option to share it with one of your friends by posting a feed to your wall. Once you have found your Queen Bee, you can start growing your colony by clicking “look inside” from your Hive’s menu:

Now, once you have the Beehive ready and the Queen Bee in place, you can start building your colony of bees: you will need Honeybees for that, and you can get them as a free gift from friends or buy them from the Market. These honeybees allow you to find pollinated seeds from fertilized crops. The more honeybees you have, the higher your chances are of finding pollinates seeds. Pollinated seeds unlock special pollinated crops in the Market. Pollinated crops have a higher chance of producing bushels than normal crops and will last for two days. Please have in mind that you can’t have more than 200 honeybees in the Beehive at a time!

You will also have to tend the bees every couple of days, otherwise some of them will run away. But I’m sure you’ll keep them in a great shape, right?

Now please share this article with your friends to let them now everything about the FarmVille Beehive and don’t forget to comment below and share your opinion on this new feature!

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  1. Jan

    July 17, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Hi, ok I have hive,bees,queen,pollinated and fertilized flowers..harvested bees for 3 days,.so far no pollination of crops.
    Please tell me when and how bees pollinate?
    Or is there a secret we don’t know.?

  2. Lee martin

    July 22, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    I read ‘you also have to tend to your bees every few days’ How? I just got a msg when I harvested my beehive stating that as i didn’t ‘tend’ to my bees for 5 days, 2 flew away. I WOULD tend to them if I knew wth I was supposed to do? lol. Help! :-)

  3. cameron

    July 31, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Does anyone know how to tend bees? I’ve been googling,and ..apparently,nobody knows,the only answer I’ve found is someone said you have to plant/harvest “at least one flower crop’..I can report,I have done this,and oh bees flew away because I did not tend them..i had sunflowers,pink roses,clover,daffs,tulips..all at the same time,for three days,so that’s crap.Bees=useless.Selling mine ,more space for something better,I think..

    • Robin

      July 31, 2010 at 10:08 pm

      Yeah Cameron, I have done the same thing, planted all types of flowers and they still fly away….they are useless!!

    • Charita

      August 3, 2010 at 12:11 am

      same thing here too

  4. Jacob

    August 2, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    Hi, Like many others I have the same problem. I can’t tend my beehive, because I don’t know how? There are no function called “Tend” .. :-(

  5. Linda

    October 5, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    I have one beehive and would like to have another, but I can’t purchase one because it is locked. How do I unlock beehive so I can buy another one?

  6. venkat

    October 18, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    How i get the Bee hive frame its in locked status in my market

  7. ponin

    July 29, 2011 at 7:37 am

    how to unlock beehive and how to unlock home….. when we going to unlock beehive it locked and it ask to unlock the home to unlock the beehive….. help needed…..

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How Gaming Skills Translate to Success in Social Casino Environments




How Gaming Skills Translate to Success in Social Casino Environments

We all want to win at casino games, no matter if we play with virtual money on social casino platforms. However, winning in casino games requires a blend of skill, luck, and experience, and it is much harder than it seems.

Just because you are knowledgeable and have skills in a certain casino game, it doesn’t mean that you will win all the time. With that said, having certain skills can increase your winning chances in certain casino games, but not all.

So, does this mean that if you have more experience, and learn how to play casino games like a pro, you will increase your winning chances?

Of course. Doing something for a long time, even playing casino games will give you enough data and experience to make better decisions. You’ll also be able to manage risk in a better way, which will eventually increase your winning chances.

What Does it Take to Win in Social Casino Games

1. Strategic Thinking at Play

The world of social casinos is full of different games, and each of them requires a unique approach. First, and most importantly, being able to make rational decisions and deploy some strategic thinking is the best way to find a winning outcome.

Games like poker or blackjack are strategy games, that require navigating through a complex maze just to get to the most desired outcome. Having extensive knowledge about a certain game like blackjack, can seriously improve your strategic thinking and help you make better choices.

Strategic thinking also plays an important role in getting into the right mindset. How you approach games like poker or blackjack also plays an important role.

2. Quick Decision-Making

We all understand the rules of casino games, but being able to make a quick decision during play is an entirely different thing.

Quick decision-making can seriously boost your winning chances, but quickness is not the most important thing. You should be able to make quick, informed, and risk-managed decisions in play.

If you cannot do this at the moment, don’t stress it out. It is a process that requires a lot of experience.

3. Adaptability and Learning Curve

Being able to adapt and change your strategy and approach to a casino game can be a huge deal breaker. As we all know, not everything goes to plan in the world of casino games, and sometimes you’ll be hit hard, and you’ll be required to change your strategy or approach.

Being able to react to such changes quickly can also increase your winning chances. And the best way to do that is by being knowledgeable about the game.

Skill-Based Casino Games

Not all casino games require you to have certain skills. Most of them are entirely based on luck, and neither you nor your skills can have an impact on the outcome of the game.

On the other hand, there are certain casino games where your skill can make a huge difference, such as:

Poker: Poker is probably one of the most skill-focused casino games, where players need to use strategy, mathematical calculations, and psychology to outwit opponents and win hands.

Blackjack: Blackjack on the other hand is a game that involves both skill and luck. It is also a game where your skills or mathematical knowledge can help you beat the house by using card-counting strategies.

Video Poker: Video poker also requires knowledge, but to a certain extent, and in most cases much less than traditional poker.

Sports Betting: Yes, this is not a casino game, but worth mentioning since there is an uprising trend of sportsbooks in social casino games. Betting on sporting events requires skill in analyzing statistics and being able to come up with a certain prediction based on data.

Luck-Based Casino Games:

Slots: Slots are based on random number generators, where the outcome of every spin is totally random and it is made up by a machine.

This is purely a luck-based game, and no strategy can help you increase your winning chances. Slot games are the most popular choice, especially in social casino platforms like Huuuge Casino. If you want to browse their selection of games, click here to read more.

Roulette: Roulette is another game where the outcome is based on skill, although there are some mathematical calculations that will help you predict the probability of a certain outcome, at the end of the day, most roulette machines are powered by RNG, which means you cannot predict anything.

Baccarat: Baccarat is primarily a game of chance, where players bet on whether the banker’s hand, the player’s hand, or a tie will win. Skill plays a minimal role compared to luck.

The Impact of Gaming Skills on Social Casino Success

1. Improved Risk Administration

Gamers with a lot of experience understand risk-reward dynamics. They take a methodical approach to betting and wagering, aiming to minimize losses and maximize winnings. This risk management prowess is a crucial factor in sustained success in social casino gaming.

2. Increased Concentration and Focus

Prolonged and intensive gaming sessions develop extraordinary attention and focus. This capacity to maintain attention results in greater performance and more informed decisions in the immersive realm of social casinos, where distractions are common.

3. Community Engagement and Collaboration

Online gaming communities thrive on collaboration and camaraderie. Gamers bring this spirit of cooperation to social casino platforms, forming alliances, sharing strategies, and collectively enhancing their gaming experience.

So, in the social casino environment, there are a lot of variables that come into play when determining your winning chances.

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Online Gambling and Wagering’s Growth




Online Gambling and Wagering's Growth

SNS Insider predicts the market to hit USD 174.6 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 11.9% from 2024 to 2031. Live betting and mobile wagering have revolutionized the online betting market, leading to its rapid expansion.

  • Because smartphones and tablets are so popular, betting is now more accessible, and live betting gives players an adrenaline rush during casino games and sporting events.
  • Additionally, when disposable income rises in emerging economies, more consumers will come here.
  • Moreover, more and more reliable bookmakers are appearing on the market, for example, ggbet casino, which offers excellent conditions and pleasant bonuses.
  • Tech innovations combining AI with VR enhance user experiences and drive market growth.
  • Legalization of online gambling in more nations is likely to significantly impact demand.

Online casinos rarely invest in game development themselves. Most often they only provide access to slots developed by providers. It is important that the software on an online casino website be licensed. Winnings have to be calculated fairly. The GGBet website offers games from the following well-known providers: Betsoft, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.

Analysis of Market

By Type

Professional sports leagues and competitions have gained immense global popularity, which has led to the significant rise of sports betting in the industry. There is an extensive array of games available at online casinos. With a lesser but consistent market share, poker, bingo, and other categories serve certain player tastes.

By Device

Mobile devices have greatly surpassed desktops as a decent platform for online gaming and betting. All this became possible thanks to their portability and user-friendly interfaces. Even now, some old-school gamers prefer desktops due to their big screens and better graphics.

Impact of Global Events

The internet gambling and betting industry has been greatly impacted by the continuing war in Ukraine. While some European regions may experience a decline due to economic turmoil, other markets may see a surge in activity as people look for recreational opportunities.

Furthermore, the war has highlighted the potential for digital currency transactions in online gambling and similar industries, as they provide secure and anonymous payment options. In addition to that, GGBet Casino provides a wide range of payment methods, including cryptocurrency transactions, ensuring that you won’t encounter any financial difficulties when it comes to topping up or withdrawing funds.

Both opportunities and problems are linked to the worldwide economic recession. If some players choose to spend less of their discretionary income on online gaming, revenue creation may be harmed. To reach a larger client base, this may be offset, though, by placing more emphasis on price and offering easily accessible betting alternatives.

Important Regional Advancements

With almost 45% of the worldwide market, Europe presently commands the largest share of the market. The main cause of this supremacy is the legalization of internet gambling in nations like Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Europe leads in many areas. These include the wide use of smartphones, online casinos, and high-speed internet.

The Asia Pacific region will grow a lot in the next few years. This is due to rising internet use, more money, and the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Also, regulations on online gambling will loosen in a few of the region’s countries. This will further drive market expansion.

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Browser Games

The Building Blocks of an Online Slot




The Building Blocks of an Online Slot

Casino brands feature many attractive titles, but none of them are as popular as slot games. They offer many engaging features and entertain all kinds of players. On top of that, they offer amazing themes that transport players to different virtual worlds.

The building blocks of online slots aren’t known to slot fans. When they understand how things work behind the scenes, they’ll appreciate the games more. Without further ado, here are the elements that make up online slot games.

Entertaining Mechanics

Slots are technological marvels and providers use a mix of programming languages to make them come to life. The usual trio of languages used are HTML5, CSS, and JS. Providers couple this with a host of entertaining mechanics. These features work well in unison with other slot elements. Players can visit a casino’s slot section, play a bunch of titles, and find out that no two games are the same.

As an example, we can look at Christchurch Casino. To enter the slots section players can click here and find themselves amidst an array of titles. They will come with various themes and features. Most will have regular and special symbols that activate free spins, mini-games, and other bonus games. Players can even combine these titles with a bunch of bonuses. 

The base game might even feature some mechanics such as cascading reels. Players might get access to multipliers on their wins and start collection games that offer them access to many prizes. Aside from entertaining mechanics, slots come with enticing themes.

Flashy Themes

The theme of the slot serves as the setting for the atmosphere and tone of the game. It also helps providers shape the symbols and features of the title. Some of the most popular slot themes include ancient civilizations, adventure, sports, and even popular films and TV shows. Titles like The Terminator and The Avengers have their slot titles. They appeal to slot fans’ interest in slots and films. The theme goes after a target audience. For example, sci-fi slots are most appealing to sci-fi slot fans. However, this isn’t always the case, as some players like to experiment and try different sorts of titles. 

Various Sorts of Prizes

For some slot players, the prize is enjoying the slot game. However, others go after the many prizes. Regular symbols will have the smallest prizes players can win in the game. That depends on the symbols, as all of them don’t share the same amount of prize. The specials take things up a notch. Wilds will have prizes attached, but they might also trigger a feature with multipliers. Scatters will usually trigger features such as free spins which don’t cost the players anything, but give them a chance at a top prize like a jackpot.

Bottom Line

Entertaining mechanics are the building blocks of all slot games. Together with the right theme they make all the difference when it comes to crafting a compelling title. The cherry on top comes in the shape of a nice reward for a player’s efforts.

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