The launch of the FarmVille Beehive can in a perfect moment since it’s been a while since a new feature to change the gameplay has been released by Zynga. Farmers have been abuzz about wanting bees, so today FarmVille is proud to announce the arrival of Beehives! And The Unigamesity is proud to give you all the details you need to know about the beehive.

What is the FarmVille Beehive?

A new feature of the game: you will have to build a Beehive, then get a queenbee to increase the number of bees you have, and then you can pollinate your crops for a better chance to find bushels!

How to build your Beehive?

Check out your Gift Box and see the Beehive frame (or buy it for 5,000 coins from the market if you sold it by mistake) – place it on your farm and you can start collecting materials to build it. You will need a total of 50 materials from your friends, so make sure you check out our article with the Beehive Material Links to make things a lot easier!

Once the Beehive is ready, you can start building your Swarm. The first thing you need is a Queen Bee – you can get a Queen Bee by harvesting flower crops on your farm, fertilizing flower crops at your neighbors’ or by purchasing it from the Market for 10 FV cash. Whenever you find the Queen Bee, you will get a pop up and the queen will be placed automatically in your Beehive. Most likely, the beehive has to be built before you can get a Queen Bee.

If you find a Queen Bee and you are already in possession of one, you will have the option to share it with one of your friends by posting a feed to your wall. Once you have found your Queen Bee, you can start growing your colony by clicking “look inside” from your Hive’s menu:

Now, once you have the Beehive ready and the Queen Bee in place, you can start building your colony of bees: you will need Honeybees for that, and you can get them as a free gift from friends or buy them from the Market. These honeybees allow you to find pollinated seeds from fertilized crops. The more honeybees you have, the higher your chances are of finding pollinates seeds. Pollinated seeds unlock special pollinated crops in the Market. Pollinated crops have a higher chance of producing bushels than normal crops and will last for two days. Please have in mind that you can’t have more than 200 honeybees in the Beehive at a time!

You will also have to tend the bees every couple of days, otherwise some of them will run away. But I’m sure you’ll keep them in a great shape, right?

Now please share this article with your friends to let them now everything about the FarmVille Beehive and don’t forget to comment below and share your opinion on this new feature!



  1. Hi, ok I have hive,bees,queen,pollinated and fertilized flowers..harvested bees for 3 days,.so far no pollination of crops.
    Please tell me when and how bees pollinate?
    Or is there a secret we don’t know.?

  2. I read ‘you also have to tend to your bees every few days’ How? I just got a msg when I harvested my beehive stating that as i didn’t ‘tend’ to my bees for 5 days, 2 flew away. I WOULD tend to them if I knew wth I was supposed to do? lol. Help! :-)

  3. Does anyone know how to tend bees? I’ve been googling,and ..apparently,nobody knows,the only answer I’ve found is someone said you have to plant/harvest “at least one flower crop’..I can report,I have done this,and oh bees flew away because I did not tend them..i had sunflowers,pink roses,clover,daffs,tulips..all at the same time,for three days,so that’s crap.Bees=useless.Selling mine ,more space for something better,I think..

  4. Hi, Like many others I have the same problem. I can’t tend my beehive, because I don’t know how? There are no function called “Tend” .. :-(

  5. I have one beehive and would like to have another, but I can’t purchase one because it is locked. How do I unlock beehive so I can buy another one?

  6. how to unlock beehive and how to unlock home….. when we going to unlock beehive it locked and it ask to unlock the home to unlock the beehive….. help needed…..


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