Finally, the feature that was up and down in FarmVillethe beehives – has been released today and it’s fully functional, but before starting to use it we need to build the beehive and for that we need a ton of materials (50 to be more specific). Therefore, I am sure that it would be really helpful if you had the beehive material links, so I’m sharing them with you below:

FarmVille Beeswax Material Link: click here!
FarmVille Smoker Material Link: click here!
FarmVille Nail Material Link: click here!
FarmVille Brick Material Link: click here!
FarmVille Wooden board Material Link: click here!

So all you have to do is to click the links above and you will be taken to the gift sending page and you’ll be allowed to send the indicated gift to your neighbors. So make sure that you share this post with them, so they can return the favor!

Have you finished your beehive yet?


  1. I can’t find my beehive..It says I have completed it but have never seen it nor frame in gift box. can’t buy one either because it is locked,limit one!


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