fallout-3-screenshotBethesda has just announced that the anticipated Fallout 3 update 1.1 has been released, fixing a lot of in-game bugs as well as tweaking and fixing some of the quests in the award-winning RPG. We are not sure if this patch will solve all the problems for those who keep reporting crashes of Fallout 3, but we sure hope it does!

The full change list is really impressive and you can check it out on the game’s official website, or just take a look below at some of the most important fixes:

Bug Fixes
– Fixed occasional crashes during loading and waiting.
– Fixed issue where dead NPCs would occasionally come back to life.
– Added ability to remap your VATS and pip boy buttons.
– Using Radaway from the Pip-Boy’s Status Menu repeatedly no longer crashes the game.
– In game radios will now play properly if player was listening to the radio in the Pip-Boy first. (Playstation 3)
– Fixed occasional crash after scoring a critical hit in the head with a Railway Rifle.
– Fixed crashes related to repeatedly equipping and dropping clothing and armor into the world.

Quest fixes (Spoliers!)
– Fixed several instances where quest item stayed in inventory permanently after completing quests.
– Fixed infinite caps exploit in Strictly Business quest.
– Fixed several XP speech exploits with certain NPCs
– Fixed XP exploit with a robot in Fort Bannister.