medieval-cavalierFor those who are starting to get bores with all these modern technologies and politically correct stuff, Vir2L Studios has decided to bring back the good ol’ medieval times. Fortunately, it’s just virtually and (probably) unfortunately for those wishing for the complete gory and stinky experience, as a Nintendo Wii exclusive.

Medieval Games allows you to experience the ages lost gone together with up to three friends and battle dragons, storm the castles, take part in catapulting and archery contests and much more. The playable characters will also vary from knights to princesses to bards and wizards and numerous game modes will be prepared for those worthy enough.

All in all, a cute family-friendly title that, in the end, will probably have nothing to do with the “medieval” concept. But there shouldn’t be just blood and violence in the gaming world, and that’s the reason why the Wii is welcomed. So let’s all wait for Medieval Games too and see if we should welcome this title as well.