farmville-exclusive-giftsWhen you logged in today into your FarmVille account on Facebook you certainly realized that, besides the new reindeer and potted plant gifts, there are also a bunch of gifts available to send to your friends. However, beneath them it writes “ exclusive” and you probably wonder what that means and how to send them.

Well, it means that Zynga is trying to promote their own website for Farmville (click the link to visit if you wish) which is still connected to your Facebook account but gives you nothing that Zynga games. And it’s obvious that because of that, the developers would rather have you play there instead of Facebook.

So, this answers the question “How to send the exclusive Farmville gifts to friends?”: by going to the FarmVille website and sending them there. When your friends will be accepting it, they will be taken to the website too, so make sure you tell them that it’s OK and it’s still FarmVille they’re playing!

What are these exclusive gifts? As you can see in the image in the upper corner, we’re talking about things like three new flags (Orange, Purple and White), a Log Bench, a Ladder and Bucket, a Wooden Log and a Barrel of Grapes. Pretty cool additions!

If you also care a lot about the state of your farm and you want to expand it as fast as possible, maybe you’d like to check out the details about the FarmVille guide and see if it is what you need. Either way, have fun playing FarmVille, the most popular Facebook game!

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