farmville-exclusive-giftsWhen you logged in today into your FarmVille account on Facebook you certainly realized that, besides the new reindeer and potted plant gifts, there are also a bunch of gifts available to send to your friends. However, beneath them it writes “ exclusive” and you probably wonder what that means and how to send them.

Well, it means that Zynga is trying to promote their own website for Farmville (click the link to visit if you wish) which is still connected to your Facebook account but gives you nothing that Zynga games. And it’s obvious that because of that, the developers would rather have you play there instead of Facebook.

So, this answers the question “How to send the exclusive Farmville gifts to friends?”: by going to the FarmVille website and sending them there. When your friends will be accepting it, they will be taken to the website too, so make sure you tell them that it’s OK and it’s still FarmVille they’re playing!

What are these exclusive gifts? As you can see in the image in the upper corner, we’re talking about things like three new flags (Orange, Purple and White), a Log Bench, a Ladder and Bucket, a Wooden Log and a Barrel of Grapes. Pretty cool additions!

If you also care a lot about the state of your farm and you want to expand it as fast as possible, maybe you’d like to check out the details about the FarmVille guide and see if it is what you need. Either way, have fun playing FarmVille, the most popular Facebook game!

Special offer: A complete FarmVille guide can be purchased right now fur just $27. It would certainly put an end to all your problems related to the game and turn you into a FarmVille master. Click the link to check it out!


  1. Won’t let me send – must I be at a certain level of the game to unlock? I tried clicking on the log bench to send and nothing happened :(

  2. ya on the buying farm cash and i wish they would let ya buy the turtles and have know idea how to send the exclusive gifts



  4. i hate farmville. i am only going on it maybe once every 2 or three days. my friends send me gifts and 6 out of ten times farmville and internet explorer have a problem and boot me out and take my gifts. it’s frustrating and since it is only a game and unimportant i pretty much ignore it now.

  5. This does not work at all, I have been sent gift after goft and followed all the setup it is garbage, my friends say the same

  6. You do not go anywhere to find them as it is not genuine, why do they go to the trouble to set up a page that is just pretty to look at a complete waste of time and effort, I have 30 people on my farmville and each one of them has never been able to get the gifts. So people do not waste your time, just ignore them

  7. m not getting notification in home page shared by my friend and this problem is only with farmville…wat shud i do to get these notification??? pls help me out

  8. ok guys…its simple to give exclusive gifts from FV. All u have to do is to go to the free gifts page where u send gifts to your neighbours, scroll all the way down to the end and u can see Email Preferences/Support/FarVille Game Bar/…etc etc click on and send your exclusive gifts from there. To receive, the neighbours u sent the gifts to have to do the same or send u back the gifts as a thank you gifts. Hope my explaination is clear…good luck ^^ :D

  9. I recieved a special horse from fv i accepted it and it’s no where to be found. Am i missing something is there somewhere special I have to go to get it back??????

  10. I don’t like how FB changed how we go to our friends FB pages to get gifts for FV, we have to click on the so called item, then it asks if we want to accept (how stupid) why would we had clicked on it to begin with? Then it takes us back to our own farms, I don’t even want to get into how we receive our gifts now, I’m really dissapointed in the changes! BOO!! to the support team, you guy realy suck!

  11. Gas- i was unable to lock the gas for the 1 unit and 5 unit gas yesterday by doing a coop… i got gas … however today went in to check them today and the 1 unit gas is locked … it shouldnt be…. the 5 unit is not… i have not gotten gas today… Please check into the matter… i am sure if it is this way for me its that way for someone else…. also… when i go on the news feed page i go to “get some” of gas when someone posts it in the room and i get Howdy Farmer! You need to use some of your fuel to be eligible to find more. So get busy farming and come back later!” I get this even when i have only 3+ units of gas….gas is too limited… if that is the case… if not it needs to be fixed … i click on about 5 or more “need some” before i find one that gives me gas….

  12. i am trying to get my gifts but dont see a gift box anymore,,i see my friends sending them to me..but cant find them anymore ,,who can help me

  13. how i send exclusive farmville gifts.i am trying to get my gifts but dont see a gift box anymore,,i see my friends sending them to me..but cant find them anymore ,,who can help me

  14. have tried 2 times to claim the free farm cash for bing bar and still have not gotten my farm cash. believe i have done everything i was required to do to recieve my farm cash and would like to have it or be told what else i need to do to claim it.


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