If all those buildings that increased your maximum energy in Treasure Isle were not enough for you, there is one more to build: the Treasure Isle Haunted House, one buildable structure that is obviously connected to the upcoming Halloween, but is here to stay.

How to build the Haunted House in Treasure Isle?
Simply start up the game and you will receive the Haunted House base via a pop up. You can then store the building or place it on your island. If there’s still room and you decide to place it, you first have to go through the regular series of building stages, which require the following materials from you:

– oil
– fire
– planks
– rock
– ectoplasm

As you can see, the Haunted House also brought in a new material – the ectoplasm, but this special “ingredient” can be received via regular gifting, like all the materials for the buildings.

After completing the Haunted House in Treasure Isle, you will receive a permanent +3 boost to your energy bar (however, you need to keep the house on the island, otherwise the energy bonus will be taken away).