Zynga released earlier today avatar clothes in FarmVille and along with them a new ribbon was born, the Style Maven FarmVille ribbon. As you can imagine, you can get the Style Maven ribbon by purchasing clothes for your avatar in FarmVille, and here are the requirements for each ribbon color:

– Style Maven Yellow Ribbon: Purchase 5 Clothing Items
– Style Maven White Ribbon: Purchase 10 Clothing Items
– Style MavenRed Ribbon: Purchase 20 Clothing Items
– Style MavenBlue Ribbon: Purchase 40 Clothing Items

I don’t even thing that there are 40 clothing items available altogether in the FarmVille market, which is not really a bad thing because it means that more are coming in the near or far future. Either way, I’m sure that the ladies especially will love to complete this new Ribbon.

How many clothes have you purchased in FarmVille?