The Bury the Mole event in Mafia Wars is a mass gifting event that has just started and is available for us all to master by January 24th. Let’s start first by checking out what the official description of the Bury a Mole event reads: “Muzzle the mole in your mafia with the Bury a Mole gifting event for a chance to collect and master 3 Bury a Mole gifts to earn a grand prize.”

Basically, if you get enough gifts, you will be allowed to collect some really cool prizes. Here are the rewards you can get from the Bury a Mole event in Mafia Wars:

– For collecting Corpse Mulch (a total of 16 for golden star reward): Garden Snake (51 Attack, 73 Defense)
– For collecting Grave Spade: Green Thumb (74 Attack, 55 Defense)
– For collecting Pushing Daisies: Cultivator (45 Attack, 78 Defense)

The gifts will be unlocked once every three days and if you manage to master all the three rewards, you will get the grand prize, which is a Johnny D. Speedster vehicle with the following stats: 100 Attack, 135 Defense. A top item that also looks really nice and is certainly a great addition for your inventory!

Have you managed to master the Bury a Mole event in Mafia Wars?