As I’ve already told you in the guide I’ve just written about the FarmVille Duck Pond, you can re-arrange the ducks inside so your favorite 5 can be seen (even though you can place up to 20 ducks inside the duck pond!). In order to keep things simple, I have decided to create a special tutorial on how to change the ducks you see in the FarmVille Duck Pond.

In this example below we’ll look at how you can re-arrange the look of your Duck Pond on your farm. After I fully built out this Duck Pond, I added ten ducks to it in random fashion:

There’s a number of Green Mallards and a variety of other ducks. You’ll see that five Green Mallards are standing on the rocks at the bottom of the window, while the rest of the ducks are in the water. Those ducks on the rocks also show up on the pond as you see it on the farm:

I’d rather have some of my more colorful ducks showing up, rather than these five Green Mallards. If I click on a duck on the rock, I can return it to the pond quickly. Then when I click on a duck on the water, I will see this:

Clicking on “Feature” will move that duck over to a rock (if there’s a free rock). If I choose “Remove” I will remove the duck from the Duck Pond (and can then put it back on the farm). After some rearranging, here are the ducks now standing on the rocks:

And this is how the Duck Pond now looks on the farm:

Only these five ducks will show up on the farm this way, so you can easily choose which ducks you want to show off.