Eternal Sonata was one of the best Namco Bandai titles for the Xbox 360 and it only seems natural to have it remade for the PlayStation 3 consoles. Even more, the developers have announced that Eternal Sonata for PS3 has reached gold status and will soon be available for purchase. To prove that the game indeed rises to today’s standards, Namco has also released a demo which can be downloaded from the PSN.

Eternal Sonata is a RPG that mixes real time with turn based elements, presenting us the magical and unbelievable last hours of composer Frederic Chopin’s life. Additionally, an unique “light and dark” aspect of the combat system enables players to execute different special attacks depending on whether they stand in light or shadow. In fewer words: a truly unique experience!

The PS3 version of Eternal Sonata brings new game content, cut-scenes and features. . Fresh faces join familiar friends as exclusive playable characters, Serenade and Crescendo, are added to the roster. New outfits will also be available for our characters, as well as new quests, music and even brand new dungeons! If you are a PlayStation 3 owner, this title is definitely worth a try!