les-miserables-enterthestoryOh, another impressive indie adventure has been released – one I was waiting for a loong time and one I never thought I’ll see released. However, today I found out that the impressive adventure Les Miserables: The Game of the Book has been released and available for purchase (alongside a less-than-impressive demo).

As the game’s title suggests, Les Miserables: The Game of the Book is based on the book with the same name, but it’s not the same thing: you play as the ghost of Peri and you can only “suggest” things to people by using the interesting gameplay mechanics – you’ll see what I’m talking about if you at least get the demo by clicking on the link here.

Described by the dev as “the world’s largest adventure game,” Les Miserables: The Game of the Book introduces, alongside the nice concept, some really impressive visuals that fit the game’s world perfectly, as well as some really smart puzzles.

There’s a cherry on top, too: all the income generated by the sale of Les Miserables: The Game of the Book adventure game will be used by the developer to end global poverty. For real – just read the FAQ on the game’s official page to find out more. Or simply go there and purchase the game (it costs $14.99), or download the demo and see what’s all about.

And if you enjoy Les Miserables: The Game of the Book, remember to check back often since the next game in development is The Divine Comedy, a completely different take on Dante’s work compared with EA’s approach in Dante’s Inferno.