barney-in-chocoSometimes, all that matters is a simple and basic gameplay, and that’s exactly what indie developers Rapid Turtle Games are delivering with their latest game, Barney In Chocoland, a title that comes with a hero unlike most of the others: an overweight kid obsessed with eating chocolates. Makes sense, I believe many of us have already been there at least once…

However, in Barney In Chocoland, the hero is REALLY there! In Chocoland, I mean, a mystic place where he can eat as many chocolates as he wants, that if he is fast enough to get them and can get over the wrath of Coco, an inhabitant of the magical place who doesn’t want to see Barney eating all the chocolate.

Gameplay wise, Barney In Chocoland is as simple as possible: players are controlling Barney and have to catch the falling chocolates and put them into barrels. You will have to move carefully, click fast, think even faster and use power-ups when necessarily, since three misses are enough to get you out of Chocoland, and we wouldn’t want that, right?

But if you want to give the game a try, you can do so by visiting Rapid Turtle Games’ official website. There is a demo available for download, as well as the full version for EUR 5.99, which makes Barney In Chocoland a bit expensive for what it offers…


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