The Elder Scrolls Online’s main website has recently been updated with a new article, which explains in depth what you will do in Cyrodiil, which is a new site located in Tamril which was and is the site of the most fiercest battles. The Imperial City can change the tides in either favor, and each Alliance recognizes it’s importance. The Alliances battle for control of the Ruby Throne. What will you be able to do in Cyrodiil you wonder? Well, that’s all explained below:

In Cyrodiil, there’s no shortage of what you can do. Starting at level 10, you can experience all that Cyrodiil has to offer while supporting your Alliance on the battlefield. If you enjoy fighting, Cyrodiil has no shortage of PvP combat, but that’s not all. There are many towns, such as Cheydinhal and Bruma, and they’re home to thousands of innocent citizens seeking protection from the ravenous surroundings they find themselves in. They’ll accept help from any alliance, and can give generous rewards. They are neutral towards all players, and guards from your Alliance guard the outskirts of the Keep. Luckily, you’ll be able to complete repeatable quests from all towns in Cyrodiil.

Crafting Resources are plentiful in Cyrodiil, with rare materials only available in Cyrodiil up for grabs. Players of any level can forage from them, and they can be far away from conflicts if you don’t want to engage in battle. Crafting Tables are available in safe areas.

Guild Quests are also plentiful, with both the Mage and Fighter Guilds have interests in Cyrodiil. Assisting them in your brave efforts can help you increase your status in the Guild.

Ruins and Caves are littered around the landscape, with beautiful locations like the Ayelid ruins known to heed precious treasures.

If you choose to delve into the depths in the pursuit of gold or glory, be prepared! Even if you can defeat the inhabitants and their dangerous leaders, you’ll always have to be on your guard for explorers from the other Alliances who seek the same treasures. Though it’s possible to tackle these challenges on your own, it’s always a good idea to bring two or more allies, especially with the threat of attacks by enemy players.

Campaigns have been introduced to the game, which consists of battling other players for control of Cyrodiil for months. Multiple campaigns occur at the same time, and you’ll be assigned to a campaign based on Alliance, Campaign populations and your guild(s). During a Campaign, your progress and status can affect bonuses the player receives across the game. Campaign scores are evaluated constantly, and they encourage battle right until the last strike.

If you choose to participate in the fight, you’ll be awarded with not just gold, but Experience Points and Alliance Points. You can use Alliance Points to purchase Armor and weapons or advance in skill lines specific to Cyrodiil. You can choose to become a better fighter, a greater leader or a expert in warfare.

Your allies can always use more troops on the battlefield, but you don’t have to participate in the fight for Cyrodiil to reap rewards. Your performance in the Alliance contributes to the whole Alliance gaining gold, experience and alliance points.