EA’s Origins service will now allow users to get refunds on digital games that they did not enjoy, the company announced today.

The service will also allow users to cancel preorders on a title after the game launches, giving time to react to bad reviews.

There are some restrictions in place however: the refund request has to be made within 7 days of the game’s purchase.

If it’s a preorder being cancelled, the refund request has to be filed within a week of the game’s release.

The request must also be filed within 24 hours of the game first being launched. Presumably this is to prevent gamers from powering through a single player game and then returning it.

However, an intensive play session would still be enough to finish certain games, and Unigamesity has reached out to EA to ascertain if there are any additional checks to prevent this from happening.

The refund policy is only applicable to EA published games on the Origin store, but not DLC . Third party titles from any other publishers will also not be refundable through the new system.