The Australian release of Saints Row IV has been pushed back to September 12, two weeks after it releases elsewhere in the world.

Physical retailers such as EB Games, JB HI FI and Game Traders have all altered the release date for the game to the 12th without any indication as to why.

Steam has simply changed the store page to indicate that the game will release at some point in September.

Initially, all retailers were advertising that the game would release later this week, in line with the game’s release in America.

Unigamesity has reached out to Deep Silver to ascertain why the game’s release has been pushed back

Saints Row IV has had a tumultuous record in Australia, denied twice by the Australian Classification Board before finally being accepted on the condition that certain aspects of the game were censored.

The changes made to the Australian version of Saints Row IV will also mean that international players can not connect to the censored version of the game, preventing multiplayer connections with anyone buying the game outside of Australia.

[Source: IGN]