battleforge-screenIn what could be considered a surprise-move from Electronic Arts, we hear that BattleForge, their RTS/trading card game hybrid is now a free to download, free to play game! This will probably upset those who payed for the game (which wasn’t free until now), but probably EA is planning to somehow compensate them with in-game items or points.

Either way, BattleForge is indeed free to play and you should follow the link to the game’s official website and download the game client for free. You will have access to absolutely all options and functionality in the game, as well as content updates and future patches. You can also play in any scenario, and you will also receive 64 cards to start with.

Among the limitations, it’s worth noting that free players won’t be allowed, at first, to put cards in the auction house, directly trade with other players, or send in-game mail – not until they reach level 4 in PvE or level 10 in PvP. Also, everybody is allowed to purchase Booster Packs and cards from the auction house.

In the end, Electronic Arts’ decision to make BattleForge free to play is clearly understandable and the game will certainly have more players now. The only question left unanswered is when and how will those who purchased the game will be compensated. I guess we’ll find out via the game’s official website.