you-have-been-hackedIt appears that not even brand new hardware can’t be trusted nowadays, since a brand new mini-tablet PC reportedly came packed with a worm and a virus aimed at stealing one’s account information in… Online games! Even though in most cases it’s better than losing your bank account, it would still be a major pain to any gamer who would lose his maxed character, right?

Hopefully, this will not become something that will happen very often: according to The Examiner, it’s just one case and it was caused by what I would call a “human error”. This means that the computer in question – one designed for students, had the drivers updated at the factory before shipping, and the entire process was done via a USB device. And it was that USB device that contained the virus and passed it to the system.

Fortunately, the purchaser was lucky enough to scan the machine before connecting to the internet and found the little boo-boo. However, the company that made they system (M&A Companion Touch) certainly had it’s reputation hurt and I’m sure that they will carefully scan everything before shipping now.