gatherynThose of you who aren’t currently satisfied with the way their real lives look like nowadays (and, with the recession and all the other problems, I think we’re becoming a majority, unfortunately)… as I was saying, The Unhappy are fortunate enough to have a new chance, virtually. We all have a Second Life, for example, where everything runs smoothly, we all have our favorite MMO that turns us into super heroes, and starting today, we will all have Gatheryn, a new entry in the MMO world.

Set in a steampunk universe, but unfortunately lacking in visual quality, Gatheryn indeed offers a really interesting universe, the lands of Elymia, with romantic Victorian style, with vast lands to explore and many dangers hidden behind a generally golden polish.

According to the official description, “Gatheryn combines a deep, rich story, steeped in the romantic atmosphere of the Victorian era, with RPG-style character development and engaging, casual gameplay. Dig into the hidden history of Elymia and learn the story of Gatheryn – or create your own, forging your own identity within the limitless social possibilities of this massively multi-player Steampunk world.”

Personally, from the screenshots I’ve seen on the MMO’s official website, Gatheryn seems more like a Second Life clone with ugly graphics and less than a MMORPG with monsters and spells and epic fights, but I might be wrong. However, if you want to give it a try, follow the link to the game’s official website and sign up for the open beta stage!