crysisI’m sure I’m not the only one impressed with Electronic Arts lately: new, original IP’s, a better game quality and, generally, a company gamers don’t hate as much as they did until last year! To prove that they have changed (or are still changing) the guys over at Electronic Arts have decided to offer everybody a Christmas gift and, therefore, you can play Crysis Wars for free – but for a limited period of time.

Having in mind that we’re not talking about hours, but ten whole days (December 19 through December 29), I think we can all be pleased and, if this decision would’ve been made earlier, I’m sure Crysis Wars would’ve been a great candidate for Unigamesity’s Best Free Games of 2008 chart!

Anyway, if you plan to take advantage of this offer (and if you have played or at least heard a thing or two about Crysis, you clearly know that it’s a must), you just have to register for free at the MyCrysis website and download for free the Crysis Wars game. Afterwards you will receive an activation key and voilà! You’ll start playing online one of the best looking shooters on the market!


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