redrocket-logoJung Suh and Scott Yu, two veterans who have over 30 years of experience in the gaming industry, have announced the launch of Red Rocket Games, a development studio that’s going to on delivering online games, as well as titles for handhelds, to an audience interested in quality products. However, we’ll have to wait until 2009 to see their own game.

According to the official website of the company, they will focus on delivering games that are neither aimed at hardcore nor casual gamers: “Imagine what would happen if Hardcore met Casual and gave birth,” the company asks and, as I said, we’ll see that in 2009. And we should expect some goodies since the co-founders Jung Suh and Scott Yu have worked with companies like EA,, Gamefly, Sega, Activision, and Disney Online.

“We have an international group of mad scientists here at our Shanghai office, and everyone is tinkering around with the concepts of fun as we develop our first game,” said Jung Suh, CEO of Red Rocket Games. “It’s a great benefit to be here in China and be able to take advantage of the talent and excitement around online gaming, while at the same time having a management team with years of U.S. game development methodology experience garnered from top video game brand companies.”

Except for their main studio in China, Red Rocket has members in Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and France, plus Bellevue offices. Which means that we might be hearing about this company pretty soon. Hopefully their projects will last and the quality will keep increasing – it’s always good too see some extra competition in the gaming world, right?