dungeon-party-treasureIt’s always nice to start the week with some good news and that’s exactly what I have for you: Dungeon Party, the very fun MMO developed by Cyanide Studios, has gone live. It is a free to play dungeon-crawling MMORPG based on team play, in which fun and guts abound.

In Dungeon Party, you create your own character by choosing one of the three classes, you equip them with various potions, traps and many more items and prepare to battle. Your quest? To help your team get the treasure before the other team does. Pretty simple concept, but guaranteed to deliver tons of fun! Especially since, in order to add some spice to Dungeon Party, dungeons are also filled with numerous lethal traps and creatures haunting the place. They will make absolutely no distinction between the teams that are trying to grab the treasure chest, and will protect it zealously. But we all know that extra challenge means extra fun!

So, this is the game that got released right now. You can check it out by following the link – remember that it’s free to play – and remember to come back here on Unigamesity and let us know if you liked playing Dungeon Party or not!