champions-onlineWannabe superheroes will have to wait a little longer before their dream comes true in Champions Online, as Cryptic Studios have announced that the game was delayed until September 1 (it was initially set to be released on July 14). Oh, well… some games certainly can use some extra polishing and if we’re talking about a MMO… well, I guess that matters quite a lot.

According to VG247, game’s executive producer Bill Roper said: “It is critically important for an MMO to be as good as it possibly can be at launch. Through our constant dialogue with our vocal and supportive community of beta testers, we quickly realized that in order to implement certain features that we all considered important the development of Champions Online would require more time. So that’s what we’re going to give it.”

And I must say that I agree with that, even though I am not terribly pleased to hear that we’ll have to wait a month and a half more until we can play the game. And I am quite excited regarding its concept and potential. What about you? Are you looking forward to become a superhero in Champions Online?