free-realmsSony must be really happy today since their newest big step into the free to play MMO genre proves to be a real success: less than a month after the release of Free Realms, there are already over one million users playing the game! Of course, we have no details if all these players are active ones, but the numbers are anyway great for Sony and their MMO.

In order to celebrate this achievement and thank the players that joined in, Sony will be offering 200 Station Cash to each of the first 999,999 users in the game plus a matching in-game t-shirt for their characters’ pets. Even more, the lucky registrant with the number 1 million will receive a lifetime subscription to Free Realms, 10,000 Station Cash and an unique suit to wear in the game. So let’s hope he’ll be a really active player!

All in all, congratulations to Sony for these impressive numbers!