freestyle-street-basketball-dunklFreestyle Street Basketball is the first basketball MMO in the world, and quite a quality one, which makes it even better! Free to play and delivering some cartoonish, yet great visuals, Freestyle Street Basketball is clearly the best choice for a fan of street basketball who doesn’t really have AND1’s moves in real life.

According to the game’s developers, JC Entertainment, “FreeStyle is based on the hip-hoop style of street basketball. Throw away the uniform and come to the playground for some street basketball fun! Feel the flow, move to the rhythm and enjoy the game!”

Unfortunately, in order to “enjoy the game” you will have to try the foreign servers of the game since the North American servers have been shut after the deal between Activision and Vivendi – Sierra, the operator of the game in North America had to shut this wonderful game down and… let it be history.

Still, you can play it and experience its greatness (even though probably a bit laggy) by visiting this website, downloading the client and hoping to have what it needs to become the best Freestyle Street Basketball in the world. The game’s world, of course!

Now check out a cool in-game trailer to see what Freestyle Street Basketball is about: