America’s Army is a game that has two major advantages over others: it is constantly improved upon and it is free. Having these in mind, we’ll get over the not-so-cool fact that it’s intended to improve the recruitment process and convince people to join the real “America’s Army” and we’ll focus on the goodies on offer today.

There are two brand new maps that can be downloaded using the AA Deploy Client available on Big Download: District and Canyon, two new missions that promise to make the free game experience even more enjoyable. Below you can find out how.

District : “Intelligence reports that insurgents forces are conducting reconnaissance against targets in the allied city of Dakrasi in an effort to collect sensitive information on the local infrastructure for future operations.”

Canyon: “A local warlord has recently taken control of a small mountain village capturing a large cache of heavy weapons in the process. Intelligence reports the cache has been separated and moved to two locations, one in the Northern sector and one in the Southern sector of the village.”

So, if you don’t have these two new maps already (they’ve been up on the official website for a while), go get them now and test your army skills in there!