A Vampyre Story, the point and click adventure game developed by Autumn Moon Entertainment that was announced no less that four years ago, was recently released to the delight of old school adventure fans all over the world. Although a quality game with close to zero bugs (as you’ll see in our upcoming review for A Vampyre Story), a patch has just been released for it.

You can download it from the official website right now and, while you wait for the download to finish, check out the full fix list:

– Less “stuck” animations. If problem still occurs, restart game.
– Removed two bugs (perfume and stadium) that could prevent further playing
– Support for graphics cards without AA: if the game did not start on your system, select “Safe AA” during patch installation to set AA to 0.
– small bug fixes and tweaks

So, as you can see, except for the rather serious perfume and stadium problems, there was not much to fix. And that’s good – we rarely see such games nowadays. Anyway, remember to check back soon for the review of A Vampyre Story!