Sony Will Cut 8,000 Jobs

Sony Will Cut 8,000 Jobs

Not the best news for Sony employees, especially since Christmas is coming: the company announced plans to fire 8,000 people and pull out unprofitable business as part of the company’s restructuring efforts to slash $1,1 Billion (100 billion yen) in costs. It seems that’s what happens if you mix low console sales with the economic crisis.

According to a Reuters report, Sony has already announced back in October plans to cut jobs and reduce spendings in order to cope with the worsening business environment, but I doubt many people were expecting such massive and drastic measures.

Sony did not announce when the personnel cuts will take place, but these usually happen as soon as they’re announced, which means that 8,000 people won’t have some really happy holidays. So let’s just hope that big S can get back on track and offer the people their jobs back or that a super powerful new company arises out of nowhere to put these people on the payroll again…


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Can you guess who is the only lucky guy in the wide open world, during these turbulent times and a tight job market (when every one is wondering when he or she will be getting the pink slip), who has been able to land a cushy job guaranteed for at least four years with gold-plated health insurance for self and family, excellent retirement benefits, all expenses paid and with the best personal security in the world (without the necessity, as was the case with the poor slobs who happen to be the present CEOs of the three US auto majors, to explain why he will be gallivanting all over the world in his own personal jumbo jet, paid for by the taxpayer, instead of on a Greyhound bus like other mortals like you and me.)?

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Yes we can :D ;)

I’m just kidding – I really have nothing against the man. And also I don’t want to mix gaming and politics, anyway (at least not while I’m not playing Burnout :D)