train of soulsBig Fish Games has just launched a new hidden object adventure game for you to try out, Haunted Train: Spirits of Charon. And unlike most other games in the same genre, this one comes with an interest story and a nice way of presenting it to the gamer.

You and your fiancée were supposed to be happy, but someone’s destroyed your wedding day, and your lives together. Now her ghost beckons to you from the train of death. Can you put this vicious deed to rest – and help Charon bring justice to your love’s tragic end?

So you’re on a soul train, but during the game, you will also stop at different stations, trying to free even more lost souls and punish those responsible for having them there. A very interesting mechanic that plays out nicely and adds some extra value to the story!

The hidden object scenes are interactive and on the easier side, while the mini games are mostly new and I am sure you will love them. The graphics are also incredibly well done, rounding up a really good hidden object adventure with some spooks and thrills.

So do give this game a try by heading over to Big Fish Games. Haunted Train: Spirits of Charon is this week’s best release!