Yesterday, I was telling you that the folks over at Big Fish Games are preparing for an amazing game launch, and today I can fortunately tell you what it’s all about: League of Light: Wicked Harvest has been launched, the latest title in the League of Light series and an extremely amazing product that is already a game of the year contender and should be considered a must download by all hidden object adventure fans out there. Even better, there’s a coupon code for those willing to download the game right now, filled with goodies.

But first, let’s find out more about the game’s story, which goes like this: The League of Light needs your help solving another exciting case! Children have been going missing in the town of Blake’s Mountain in the days leading up to the fabled Red Moon. No one really knows what will happen on that night, but everyone agrees it can’t be good… Strange creatures creep through the shadows, and the citizens fear for their safety. Can you uncover the secrets of Blake’s Mountain and rescue the missing children in this spooky Hidden Objects Puzzle Adventure game? We believe in you, detective!

League of Light: Wicked Harvest was launched as a Big Fish Games Editors Choice title because of it’s high quality, and I am sure that says a lot about the overall greatness of the game. And if you hurry to download this title, you can take advantage of the following special offer:

league of light offer

That’s right! If you use the LIGHT coupon code at checkout after you purchase the game, you will get any other Collector’s Edition at half the price. So not only that you get to play a true Game of the Year award contender with League of Light: Wicked Harvest, but you also get access to amazing other games at half the price. You’d better hurry, though, as this offer will surely not last forever!

So head over to Big Fish Games (click the link) and download League of Light: Wicked Harvest right away. It’s the right choice and if you are a fan of the genre, you will absolutely love the game. Chances are, even if you are not a regular hidden object adventure player, you’ll still like it!