I have a new recommendation for you today: Shrouded Tales: The Spellbound Land, a brand new hidden object adventure game that has been recently launched on Big Fish Games. I wasn’t really keep on trying it out since it seemed so generic, but in the end I am really happy that I did because it’s actually a really good game.

Here’s how the story goes: When you were a girl, the Master of Shadows banished your mother to the Shadow Realm, sealing your city inside an impenetrable dome. But today, your magic finally awakens! Now you have to the power to free your mother and end the Master’s reign of terror. Get help from the legendary barons and your friends in town to unlock your magical potential and return light to the city of Havenwick. Uncover the secrets of the Shadow Realm and use its power to overcome obstacles in the real world. You’ll need all your wits to defeat the Master of Shadows once and for all in this exciting game.

What I liked about this story is the fact that I have mentally connected it with the TV show Under the Dome, which I really love (however, the game has nothing to do with the show, just the idea of the city sealed inside the dome). Either way, as I said, in the end I managed to really appreciate and enjoy Shrouded Tales: The Spellbound Land which is a pretty solid title.

The graphics are nice and colorful and especially warm, perfect for the bad weather outside. The adventure itself is pretty great with all the runes that you collect along the way and the useful spells that you can learn to help you further. You travel from the Shadow Realm to the real world over and over again, exploring great hidden object scenes and meeting great characters along the way. Overall, a really nice experience!

So head over to Big Fish Games and download Shrouded Tales: The Spellbound Land – it’s a surprisingly good game and I am sure you will enjoy it!