fable of dwarfsIt’s been a long while since we last recommended a solid Time Management game here on Unigamesity, and now that time has come. Fable of Dwarfs is a new release over at Big Fish Games and it’s a game of pretty high quality, just perfect for the fans of the genre and not only. Here’s how the story goes in the game:

The good-hearted King of the Dwarves is relying on you to lead a building expedition! You’ll need all of your wit and imagination to successfully oppose the merciless northern winds, save the homes of a desert’s inhabitants from plagues of locusts, and battle a thick fog that threatens a priests’ temple. Learn about ancient Dwarven talismans, save Yellowforest from wildfire, and help those who need it most in Fable of Dwarfs!

This is really one of the better Time Management games released in recent times, and it involves some sort of strategical thinking because buildings are intertwined and you need resources produced by one to be able to build another. The graphics also look really good and you will surely have fun giving this little title a go.

So head over to Big Fish Games and download Fableo of Dwarfs – at least the demo which allows you to test the game for free before deciding if it’s worth buying!