A musical hidden object adventure game? Sign me in! We’re actually talking here about Dance of Death, the latest offering over at Big Fish Games, a hidden object adventure with a mystic story, unique minigames and an interesting premise.

The game’s story goes like this: “The magic of music and love against black magic death. Dance of Death! Will good conquer evil? Investigate the mysterious disappearance of young Luciano Folgeri from the orphanage. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an old Venetian mansion full of mysteries. Defeat your fear of ancient curses and prove that love is stronger than death. Do not be afraid! Save the boy! The universe of good spirits is on your side, and the great power of music will help you to succeed.”

Visually, the game has a nice cartoony touch and looks really good. There are a lot of hidden object scenes to play and a task list that makes things a lot easier for you to follow and also outlines the story. The minigames vary from the very easy to really difficult ones and even though there’s not really anything to blow your mind off, Dance of Death is still a great hidden object adventure game that you should at least try out before purchasing (and there’s a bonus if you like spooky stuff, because this game has it!)

So if you are interested in at least giving this hidden object adventure a try, head over to Big Fish Games and download Dance of Death.