Easter is coming, so it’s pretty obvious that we’re going to get a number of Easter-themed games from developers, which is a really nice thing. Today I am actually here to recommend one such game, Bunny Quest, a pretty fun Easter-themed game available over at Big Fish Games.

Help desperate daddy bunny fix an Easter mess in Bunny Quest! Rabbit prepares the Easter dinner table for his host family. Sound easy? His naughty little bunnies give their best to make this task the hardest imaginable… Have fun trying to trick these cute creatures and bring everything back in order before the family realizes their Easter arrangements are about to be ruined in this eggciting Match 3 game!

It’s true, Bunny Quest is not one of the best Match 3 games you will ever play, but it’s one of the few Easter-themed ones and it still manages to deliver some fun, mostly thanks to its extra mechanics (like getting your Easter table) and mini games.

The big advantage is that it’s on the cheap side and for kids will definitely prove to be a really great game, so head over to Big Fish Games and download Bunny Quest just in time for Easter!