Farming is no longer interesting here on Earth with the Curiosity rover exploring Mars’ surface right now… so somebody decided to let us try our hand at farming and raising animals on other planets. This is how Snow Globe: Farm World was born and today I bring you word about it – the game being available for download right away from Big Fish Games.

Explore the mysterious world of the Snow Globe: Farm World. Grow sheep, collect products, organize work in a workshop, run a pillow factory and as a result of all your hard work the two lovers will finally reunite. Take good care of your domestic animals and be aware of the dangerous predators trying to destroy your farm. Every level is one more step towards love. There is no challenge you can’t handle in the Snow Globe: Farm World!

Your quest of reuniting the lovers will be complete with some pretty nice visuals, a diverse cast of characters (aka animals) and pretty solid time management mechanics that will make fans of games like Farm Frenzy love Snow Globe: Farm World as well.

So if you’re interested in checking out the game, head over to Big Fish Games and give Snow Globe: Farm World a try! You can do it for free before deciding if the full game should be bought or not.