A couple of days ago we presented you the news that upset many gamers: the upcoming Tomb Raider: Underworld will bring Xbox 360 owners a special treat, as the developers will release two platform-exclusive chapters featuring Lara Croft. Knowing that a hefty check of 50 million was paid for the upcoming GTA IV DLC by Microsoft, we started to wonder if something similar happened with Tomb Raider.

Apparently, things are similar – first off because we doubt Eidos developers are so huge Xbox 360 fans or that they would say “no” to the possibility of grabbing more bucks from other console owners from tidbits of content. Second, and a more bigger reason to believe that Microsoft wrote a check for Eidos is the Tomb Raider Chronicles’ report.

According to the website, an Eidos rep told them: “Microsoft asked us how we could extend the fantastic Tomb Raider: Underworld gameplay experience for their thriving Xbox Live community and this exclusive content was the result.” However, we doubt it was such an easy ask and be served dialogue. Don’t you agree?

Opinion aside, if you want to know more about the Tomb Raider: Underworld exclusive DLC for Xbox 360, here it is: Beneath The Ashes is the first extended chapter and it will be released this December, by Christmas. The second chapter will be called Lara’s Shadow and it will be made available in early 2009. Both chapters will feature individual storylines and – paid for by Microsoft or not, they will definitely represent a big up for Xbox 360 consoles overall.