COO Peter Parsons has told GameIndustry International that Bungie intends Destiny to be as important as franchises such as Lord of The Rings and Star Wars. Peter Parsons believes that Destiny has the potential to surpass Halo’s impact and can sit alongside the aforementioned franchises on store shelves.

Peter is quoted saying: “We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter, or Star Wars; we’ve already seen they do that with Halo. We were extremely proud of what we achieved with Halo… I’m pretty convinced we are going to do it again with Destiny in a way that maybe even Halo never achieved before. We’ve always admired people like Pixar, and we are finally in that moment where we have this raw, amazing talent that I think rivals entertainment creators anywhere across any entertainment ever, and Activision is helping us bring that reality to life.”

Parsons was also quoted saying that Activision thoroughly believes in Bungie and the vision they have planned for Destiny. He claims that Activision knows big entertainment and that they’ve shown that with past titles, such as Call of Duty.

Of course, as it is well known, Bungie left the Halo franchise to pursue other projects, which turned out to be Destiny. It was also revealed that Destiny is planned to be an on going series, with sequels already planned to run through the year 2017. So it can be said that Bungie really does believe Destiny can be the next best thing.

First real footage of the game was shown at Sony’s E3 conference, and while it didn’t leave many people overly excited the game still looked fun to play and was completely gorgeous. It has been called a prettier version of Borderlands. The game is planned to launch in 2014 on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.