Today we’re continuing our saga of bringing you the best Destiny 2 Forsaken tips and tricks and we’re sharing a guide on something I’m sure you really want to know: how to level up fast in Forsaken and hit that level cap ASAP in order to get the most out of the game and prove the world that you’re indeed the real deal.

Fortunately, if you are an active player and have some experience playing Destiny 2, you shouldn’t have much trouble leveling up fast in Forsaken. But if you focus on doing the things that we’re recommending below, you’re going to get there before everybody else.

So let’s not waste any more time and instead let’s get straight to business. Here’s how to level up fast in Destiny 2 Forsaken and reach level 50!

Use items in your inventory
Before doing anything else, make sure that you use all the possible XP boosting items that you might have in your inventory. And most likely you do have some of these stocked up from playing Destiny.

What you should be looking for is stuff like Fireteam Medallion and any other items that will boost your experience intake – no matter how much or how little. We’re talking about 20 new levels to go up to and every bonus – no matter how small – is useful.

Gather the regional chests
A great an easy way to get tons of experience is finding and unlocking the regional chests in Forsaken. These give you 1,250 XP a piece and they’re not related to any mission or event – just scattered around the Tangled Shore, usually in the hidden crevices of the map.

So make sure that you start looking for those ASAP and start tracking them down sooner rather than later in order to get a quick and massive boost to your XP points.

Do the bounties
I think that this is a no brainer – like most of the tips shared here. But you should definitely do the bounties over and over again. There’s a nice variety that you have to choose from and since they’re relatively recent additions to the game, they should offer a new experience as well.

Don’t forget that Forsaken itself has it’s fair share of bounties – such as the Queenbreaker one we’ve recently talked about. These are even better to follow, as they all take place in the Tangled Shores area and make it easier for you to spot other items along the way, such as the regional chests.

Focus on the Events
Since Forsaken has just dropped, there are a lot of new events flooding the servers which give you the chance to score loads of extra experience points without wasting too much time. Be selective when it comes to these events, though and only do those that reward you with a hefty amount of XP for your time spent completing them.

Don’t forget about the main story!
Not only that it is really nice to follow as The Spider brings in the goodies in Forsaken, but actually going through the entire story will automatically raise your level cap easily.

Sure, this is time consuming and frustrating at times, but overall you’ll be extremely satisfied with how things go and it’s probably the nicest way to get extra levels towards the new level cap as it involves little grinding.

In the end, you should be a bit patient and understand that getting from level 30 to level 50 won’t happen over night. So take your time and enjoy the ride instead, focusing on doing the things that you like AND also give you most XP.

These would be our tips and tricks on hitting that level cap faster in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Do you have additional methods that help you do it as fast as possible? If you do, let us know by commenting below!