Destiny 2 Forsaken comes with quite a few new challenges and goodies for us to do in the game, and one of the earliest and most difficult challenges you’ll encounter in the game is the Wanted: Queenbreaker mission – a challenge given by Spider at the Tangled Shore.

And today we’re here to help you complete this mission by sharing a complete guide for the Queenbreaker challenge in Destiny 2 Forsaken – especially the location where the magic happens (if you can do it!)

The task of Wanted: Queenbreaker seems to be easy enough when you receive it: in order to complete this mission, you have to locate an elite monster in Trostland and destroy it. Finding it, however, is not as easy as it sounds!

You need to know the exact location and sometimes, even when you get there, the elite enemy isn’t there. We’re talking about a Servitor – so it’s pretty standard stuff if you know what you’re doing. And where to find it.

So here is a map of the spot you should be looking for in Trostland:

Once you get there, the enemy should spawn instantly. We’re talking about a Servitor, as I already told you and it’ usually in the Western side where my character’s marker is on the map above.

However, it could happen that sometimes, when you get there, it won’t spawn. You can spend some time roaming around and see if it spawns somewhere else – but chances are that somebody already dealt with the Servitor in your instance and you’ll have to reload it.

You can easily do this by going into orbit and coming back in, when the Servitor should spawn instantly when you reach the area. Alternately, as you roam around, enough time might pass for it to come back again as it constantly spawns over time.

And this would be it – now that you know the location for the Queenbreaker in Destiny 2 Forsaken, you can go there and complete the mission.