Zynga has gone retro in Mafia Wars, bringing us a really cool event that pits together two of the biggest action heroes of our childhoods: Terminator and Rambo! Read on to find out everything about the Terminator vs. Rambo event in Mafia Wars!

This Terminator vs. Rambo event is a “collecting” event in which you will have to select your favorite action hero and start earning weapons and items for him in order to turn him into a winner. You need to collect 10 weapons for each of them, plus the Jungle Strike item for Rambo and the I’ll Be Back for Terminator (you can get these items by asking your friends).

You can own up to 5 of each super action heroes (that’s 5 Terminators and 5 Rambos, which in real life should be enough for an army) but only one will be the winner: at the end of the Terminator vs Rambo event, which will be in 7 days from now, the hero that got the most gifts will become the winner and you will receive one trophy for each type of hero that you own.

So start collecting the weapons for your hero of choice right now!