Santa is coming in FarmVille and you must prepare for it by building Santa’s Sleigh and taking it to the final level. I am here to share with you details about this brand new buildable in the game, alongside the image of the final version (check the image to the left for it).

Before starting it’s worth mentioning that you can build one sleigh per farm, so you can basically have quite a bunch of them: one Santa’s Sleigh can be build on your Home Farm, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove and Winter Wonderland. The sleigh has 7 total levels and each level can be upgraded to by asking friends for parts (or buying them with Farm Cash) and each level offers more Christmas Presents than the previous one, when harvested.

So first you will have to place your Santa Sleigh in FarmVille – if you can’t find it in the inventory, you can buy one from the market for just one coin. Good luck in taking the Santa’s Sleigh to the final level – level 7 in the game!