Mafia Wars Brazil has gone live and I am sure that all of you are really curious to find out all the details about this amazing new area of the game that simply manages to take Mafia Wars to a whole new level and allows us to play like never before. In this article I will write a complete guide to the Mafia Wars Brazil area, trying to cover all the new aspects and elements of the game.

How to access the Mafia Wars Brazil?
At the moment, the city is in Beta and only a limited number of people have access to it. However, we expect that Brazil will go live pretty soon, so don’t lose your patience – just read on to be prepared!

The biggest change of the Mafia Wars Brazil is that the new city (or, better said, country) is made in such a way that Crews are part of the game. You will have to recruit from your mafia to fill the following positions (find out more here about the Mafia Wars Crew):

– Strategist (next 20 jobs give you 2x mastery)
– Mercenary (next 50 fights won’t cost stamina!)
– Scout (bonuses with properties)
– Taskmaster (doubles the amount you collect from properties)
– Lockpick (twice the loot for the next 20 jobs)
– Marksman (double Attack power for your next 50 fights)
– Arsonists (guaranteed success for 3 robbing jobs)
– Guardian (you can’t be robbed for the next 18 hours)

There are a ton of new weapons, armor and animals in Brazil (a list of them will be written shortly and posted here in the Unigamesity), fighting will tell you about the active crew (which must be reactivated every 18 hours) and the jobs will be divided into districts (Rio De Janeiro is the first tier/district that you have to complete). The requirements for Brazil consumables can  be found out here.

You can also own properties which must be built/unlocked and upgraded: Headquarters, Workshop, Black Market, Refinery, Barracks. Click the link to find out more about the new Mafia Wars Brazil properties and the goodies they give you!

There are also six new collections that you can collect for amazing rewards (like extra attack, defense, health and even stamina points!).

It is also worth noting that any robbery that you perform will give you one energy point if successful, so make sure you have consumed your energy before!

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