As I have told you in my Mafia Wars Brazil guide, a new option has been introduced in the new area: the possibility to activate a crew in Mafia Wars and get some amazing bonuses for that. There are 8 crew positions available in 4 categories and I am listing them below, as well as the bonuses provided by each active crew member:

Jobs Crew:
-Strategist: 2x Mastery on next 20 jobs
-Lockpick: 2x Loot on next 20 jobs

Fighting Crew:
-Mercenary: Next 50 Fights cost zero stamina
-Marksman: Double Attack Skill on next 50 fights

Robbing Crew:
-Scout: Detect which robbing properties possess Precious Goods next 3 board refreshes
-Arsonist: Automatically win the 1st Rob in the next 3 board Refreshes

Properties Crew:
-Taskmaster: Earn 100% more from next property collect
-Guardian: Guarded from Robs for period of 18 hours

Have in mind that selecting and activating your crew is not mandatory in order to access or play Mafia Wars Brazil, but judging from the bonuses offered by the crew, I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s a must! Also it’s worth noting that Zynga says that if we manage to activate all 8 crew positions in one day, we will receive extra bonuses and protection!

When a crew request is accepted, both the sending and receiving party will become part of each other’s crew. Brazilian Real (the new currency) will be awarded if NO open queue positions are available and a crew request is accepted. Also, Bonuses/Protection will be rewarded at time of activation and will last for as long as they’re meant to.

It seems that now, more than ever, you need a really active Mafia for such an amazing new feature!

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