Although we’re all excited about the Mafia Wars Brazil release, Zynga is continuing their tradition and have released a brand new series of game crates, the Cuban Crisis crates: as always, you can buy one for 12 Reward Points or a pack of three for 36 RP.

I am sure you’re curious to know what loot can be found inside the Cuban Crisis Crates in Mafia Wars, so here are the details:

Common loot:

– Rock lguana (79 A, 50 D)
– Gopher ATV (78 A, 55 D)
– HellCat Cannon (59 A, 81 D)

Uncommon loot:

– S8 Striker (51 A, 92 D)
– Compact SMG (90 A, 56 D)
– H-Track 44 (60 A, 88 D)

Rare loot:

– Mobile Artillery (170 A, 69 D)
– Cuban Crocodile (60 A, 105 D)

What do you think about these new Cuban Crisis crates in Mafia Wars? Will you spend your Reward Points to get some?


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