Well, it only seems natural and quite frankly, I don’t know how come I didn’t miss this feature in the first place: alliances are now possible in CastleVille as they were back in the days and even today. However, the alliances in CastleVille are not that difficult to form and are very peaceful (at least at the moment). SO if you are curious to find out everything about the recently released alliance option in the game, read on this guide!

It will be pretty easy to see a new Alliance progress bar above your neighbors’ portraits. You will have to visit the actual neighbor to see the alliance progress and what you have to do to become allied.

Do you probably wonder how to fill up the progress bar and become allies? It’s really simple: just keep visiting the neighbors and keep doing actions in their kingdoms and their alliance level will increase.

Of course, having just one ally is not enough in CastleVille: the more you have, the more content you unlock in the game. You can unlock extra decorations, buildings and more. Therefore, it pays for you to be helpful with your neighbors and turn them into allies.

Note: If you become an ally with a neighbor (or one becomes your ally), vice-versa doesn’t automatically happen. This is done to keep the fair play level high and not to offer bonuses to lazy gamers who don’t visit their neighbors.

What do you think about the Alliances feature in CastleVille? Is it something you enjoy?


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