As I told you already, alliances have been released in CastleVille and the first alliance you’ll have to do is with the Duke. Therefore, we have 5 new missions to complete in order to become allies of the Duke and I am here to share with you all the details about these missions.

Check out below the requirements and rewards for the Duke Alliance missions in CastleVille!

An Allie In Me mission
– Gather 3 Honey (tend Flowers)
– Visit the Duke’s Kingdom
– Perform 5 actions in the Duke’s Kingdom
Rewards: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Allies With Benefits mission
– Visit 2 Neighbors
– Perform 10 Actions in your Neighbors’ Kingdoms
– Collect taxes from buildings in your Kingdom 5 times
Rewards: 500 Coins, 10 XP

Half Way There mission
– Be at least halfway to an Alliance with one Neighbor besides the Duke
– Have 4 Longbows (ask friends)
– Visit the Duke and perform 5 actions in his Kingdom
Rewards: 750 Coins, 15 XP, 1 Small Energy Potion

Give And Take mission
– Earn Alliance points by harvesting 5 Crops in Neighbors’ Kingdoms
– Gain an Alliance with 1 of your Neighbors
– Buy and place your new Alliance Banner in your Kingdom
Rewards: 500 Coins, 10 XP

The Waiting Game mission
– Visit 1 Ally
– Tend 5 Flowers in Neighbors’ Kingdoms
– Feed Animals 5 times in Neighbors’ Kingdoms
Rewards: 500 Coins, 10 XP

These are some pretty basic missions, after all, and their purpose is that of getting us used with the concept of alliances in CastleVille. And I am happy with that!


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