It’s time to put all those mushrooms (and not only) to good use in ChefVille now that Zynga has released the Veggiematic which sees us craft veggie kebabs and more recipes! The new item also comes with a new set of goals, the ChefVille The Venerable Veggiematic goals, and I am here to share with you all the details about them, so check out the guide below and have fun completing them!

Veggie Duties
– Craft 3 Batches of Tomato Sauce
– Serve 5 Veggie Kebabs
– Place Veggiematic
Rewards: 10 coins, 1 XP and 2 Tomatoes

The Veggie Assembly
– Finish Building the Veggiematic
– Cook 2 Tomato Mushroom Tarts
– Give 10 Mushrooms to Ginger
Rewards: 15 coins, 2 XP and 2 Wild Mushrooms

Veggie Handling
– Tend a Tomato Plant 4 Times
– Get 4 Veggie Tongs
– Cook 8 Times with Wild Mushrooms
Rewards: 15 coins, 2 XP and 1 Mozzarella

Mushroom Madness
– Visit 3 Neighbors
– Serve 7 Stuffed Mushrooms
– Tend 10 Wild Onions
Rewards: 4 XP, 20 Coins, Table unlocked

And this is it! These are the The Venerable Veggiematic goals, with 4 nice missions putting those wild mushrooms to good use in ChefVille. Have fun completing the new goals and enjoying the new recipes!