Robert Irvine is making his way to ChefVille right now and he doesn’t come alone: he comes with a challenge for us to either make it big or go bankrupt. Of course, we’ll choose the first option and complete the Make It Possible goals in ChefVille. To make things even easier for you, I am here to share with you all the requirements and rewards for this missions series.

Taste By Design
– Place and Build Hostess Stand
– Place 2 Windows
– Buy 2 Walls
Rewards: 1 XP, 30 coins, 3 Salvage Sages

Promotion Motion
– Visit 3 Neighbors
– Ask friends for 4 Word of Mouth
– Spend 3,000 coins
Rewards: 1 XP, 6 Garlic, Stainless Steel Wall piece

Steak, Steak, Steak
– Cook 3 Steak Florentine
– Give 5 Chef’s Service with Steak Florentine
Rewards: 3 XP, 10 coins, 2 Sirloin Beef

Gotcha, Focaccia
– Tend 10 harvestables
– Craft 2 Tomato Sauce
– Cook 2 Focaccia on the brick oven
Rewards: 10 XP, 6 wild onions, 1 Tall Ship Model

And these are the Make It Possible goals in ChefVille, introducing Robert Irvine to the game! Have fun completing these missions!