The Egg Fridge has just been launched in ChefVille making your life easier when it comes to collecting ingredients, and it didn’t come alone, but together with a bunch of goals that we have to complete. I am here to share with you all the requirements and details for the Too Cooped Up Goals, as well as how to build the Egg Fridge in ChefVille, so let’s not waste any time and get things started!

We’ll start with the Eggs on Ice mission series (or the Too Cooped Up goals):

1. Too Cooped Up
– Upgrade your Chicken Coop to the Egg Fridge
– Give 2 Eggs to Ginger
– Serve 2 Quiche Barbara

2. Eggs for Everyone
– Craft 5 times on the Pasta Maker
– Gather 2 times from the Egg Fridge
– Serve 10 Quiche Barbara

3. Egg-ceptional taste
– Give 15 Chef’s Service with Chicken Cobb Salad
– Get 4 Egg Cartoons
– Serve 1 Pad Thai

4. Egg-stended Stay
– Eat 15 dishes at your neighbors’ restaurants
– Cook 10 times with Eggs
– Give 10 Recommendations to Ginger

And finally, here are the requirements for building the Egg Fridge in ChefVille:

Have fun completing the new missions!