Although CastleVille has just been launched, Zynga has decided to start with a blast and offer us some free items for playing the game already. I have all the free item links for CastleVille here to share with you, but you’d better grab them fast because they might stop working after a time.

In order to claim your free reward in CastleVille, simply click the links below and enjoy!

CastleVille 500 coins link
CastleVille 1 GMA Flag Pole link
CastleVille 1 Exploration Crystal link
CastleVille 1 Exploration Crystal link (a new one!)
CastleVille free Hyper Craft link
CastleVille free 1 Gold Brick link
CastleVille free Marble Fountain link
CastleVille Golden Fish Fountain link
CastleVille Archery Target link
CastleVille free Fountain Link
CastleVille Hyper Craft link
CastleVille Exploration Crystal link
CastleVille Good Morning Glory Link
CastleVille The Queen’s Silver Statue Link
CastleVille free Cannon Link
CastleVille Free Bluebonnet Link
CastleVille Topiary Castle Link

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